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Wage Violations (Fair Labor Standards Act) in Kansas or Missouri 

Employees and sometimes even independent contractors are not properly paid wages for the overtime hours they have worked. The law around payment of wages is much more complicated than most people think. For instance, when paying overtime, employers are supposed to determine the overtime rate of pay based on all compensation to an employee - including bonuses. If you are not sure whether you have been properly paid all your wages, contact Koc Law for a free consultation. Koc Law LLC is licensed to practice law in Kansas and Missouri.

Another example of the complicated nature of payment of employee wages is that of independent contractors. Sometimes an individual is called an “independent contractor” by their employer when in fact, he or she is an employee and entitled to minimum wage and overtime. If you would like to evaluate whether your employer has violated the law in mislabeling you as an independent contractor, Koc Law can help you with a free consultation on this issue.

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